What is AvalonBar?

  • AvalonBar is an open-source tile-based sidebar that displays useful information and helps the user have easier access to content/tasks.
  • The UI uses WPF, and C# as its programming language. This project is a fork of LongBar.


    This project is licensed under the Microsoft Public License (MS-PL).

    System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows Vista or higher
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 (Some tiles may require higher versions of .NET Framework)
  • Note: AvalonBar does not come with any tiles. You need to download and install them.

    Downloading and Installing Tiles

  • Method 1 - Manually
  • You can get some tiles here. There are some files in *.tile format. Install them by just double-clicking on the file. You will see installing tile dialog. If you don't see this dialog, that means that for some reason, the .tile format wasn't registered. You can install tiles by dragging it on AvalonBar.
  • Method 2 - By Library
  • To get tiles just click Tile Library in AvalonBar's context menu. The Tile Library window will appear where you can download and install any tile with three clicks. (Tip: You can see installed tiles by clicking Local Tiles in the far-left corner of the window)


    Please use the issue tracker for help regarding problems with the sidebar, feature suggestions, and the like.